What is knit denim?

Apr 11,2018

Knitted denim is a kind of denim, it is the use of the beam dyeing indigo, blue and black, sulphur black for knitting yarn on cone with white cotton yarn and other functional yarn dyeing, in circular knitting machine by adopting different organizations or jacquard weaving method, adopts special technology to produce a washed faded effect of fabric. Its technological process is: the veil to dye color (using denim indigo dye, pour yarn bobbin yarn, dyeing under atmospheric pressure) - winding - computer weaving - the plane - finishing (through certain types of water washing, graphite and grinding hair, etc.). Knitted denim is better than elastic woven cloth, breed on the market at present there are mainly small fish scale loop, large scales loop, thick twill loop, ribbed twill loop, plain cloth, etc., in the aspect of materials in addition to conventional cotton, polyester cotton, polyester cotton spandex, and absorb sweat, antibacterial deodorant, uv resistance, thermal and other functional materials.

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