Quality denim fabric type and identification method.

Apr 11,2018

1. Authentic jeans are made of indigo dye, and the fabric is colorless or striped. After the stone mill, bright and bright, slightly red, the bag cloth has no significant color.
2. After the stone mill, the fabric feels soft, and the cloth is plump and fuzzy. The sewing ruffles are whitened, the flat surface has no abrasion marks, and the color is uniform.
3. The sewing makes the double seam, the waist is made of chain stitch, and the 215/3 strand of pure polyester is used, and the fastening is not easy to remove.
4. The metal hook, new and brand are in the gap, the coating is not worn, and the back pad is block, so as to prevent breakage.
Ring-spun denim.
With the development and application of new process equipment such as ring spinning speed, large volume, fine winding and unbonded yarn, the shortcoming of coarse yarn spinning, low production efficiency and high knot head have been solved. The use of denim is changing rapidly, and the ring is making a comeback. Because of air ring spun yarn denim is superior to the yarn some performance, such as shooting, drapability, tear strength, etc., and at the same time because the people psychological return to nature, the pursuit of the original development of the influence of the cowboy style, more important is the cause of ring spun yarn denim after abrasive cleaning processing, surface can present a hazy bamboo-like style, is in keeping with the personalized requirements of today's jeans. In addition, the market is very popular with bamboo yarn denim, and the ring can be spun to produce shorter and more dense bamboo, and also promoted the development momentum of the ring.
Slub denim
When design with different yarn, slub roughness (with the yarn ratio), bamboo section length and the pitch of slub yarn, using single warp or single weft and warp/weft two-way with slub yarn, and with the number or different number of normal yarn proper ratio and arrangement, can produce a variety of bamboo denim, after garment washed processing can form different kinds of dim or article is relatively clear lattice style denim, get the welcome of consumer groups demand for personalized. Early bamboo denim are almost in ring spinning slubby yarn, because of its spinning can be shorter length, pitch smaller, slub yarn density is relatively large, easy to form on the dense ornament effect, and mainly by the bamboo. With the development of the market consumption demand, the current popular weft and weft double bamboo denim fabric, especially the double bamboo denim products with zonal elastic force, is very popular at home and abroad. And some varieties, as long as the structure of the structure is well designed, can be used to adopt a single variety of ring spun yarn, and the appropriate proportion of bamboo yarn, can also achieve the effect of the weft and weft.
Weft stretch denim.
The adoption of spandex stretch yarn denim varieties development to a new field, can make the denim is close-fitting and comfortable, combined with bamboo or different colour and lustre, make denim products more adapt to fashion, personalized consumer demand, and thus has great potential for development. Now stretch denim mostly for weft elasticity, elastic elongation is in commonly 20% ~ 40%, the elastic elongation depends on the size of the fabric of the organization design, latitude and longitude on the machine to the organization, the smaller the tightness is the greater the elasticity, on the other hand, under the condition of warp tightness organization fixed, the greater the tightness of weft yarn, the less elastic, latitudinal density reaches a certain degree, can appear even the loss of elasticity. In addition, at present, the outstanding problem of the elastic denim finished cloth is that the shrinkage rate is too large, which is usually more than 10%, and even more than 20%. BuFu unstable bring great difficulty to the production of clothing, the solution when one is in product design, do not make the elastic stretch spent big, general take 20% ~ 30%, and that maintain a certain degree of the organization to weft, and take appropriate increase tension when preshrinking sorting method, make BuFu have bigger contraction, so as to get the finished fabric weft to lower residual shrinkage; Another solution is to stretch denim after preshrinking finishing the heat set processing, which can obtain more uniform BuFu and relatively stable, low weft shrinkage, meet the requirements of garment processing production.
Special color denim.
Because of the super indigo dyeing or the special dark indigo dyed denim made of denim, it can obtain the special effect of bright color and bright color, which is widely welcomed by consumers.
"Super indigo" dyed denim has two main characteristics: it is especially good in depth and color fastness. The former refers to the unit weight of yarns and amount of indigo dye dyeing (generally for dye accounted for %, said of the dry weight of the yarn dyeing depth %) much more special, such as regular denim warp indigo dye depth were 1% ~ 3%, while "chao" indigo dyeing depth needs more than 4%, can be called super indigo blue or dark indigo blue. The latter refers to "super indigo dyed jeans" remaining need to withstand repeated more than 3 hours, its colour and lustre still can reach or exceed the conventional dyeing denim remaining without color depth, and the colored light than conventional dyeing denim more brighter. For remaining indigo denim dyeing color fastness to washing, the essence of which is depending on the dye on the degree of through core yarn, rather than the remaining dye itself fastness (indigo wet crocking fastness for level 1 only), namely through core degree better, remaining the good color fastness.
Past the so-called "indigo dyed rapid water washing process", is actually in the process of yarn dyeing, deliberately make indigo dye through the core of the fiber is very shallow, so that when the remaining cowboy clothing processing, the surface of the yarn is ground to a very thin layer of dye, to reveal more white yarn core and make the color soon, so as to achieve remaining a short time later, instantly fade effect. However, the "super indigo" dyeing process is the opposite, which requires the dye penetrability to be particularly good, so that the denim garment can be washed and processed to obtain a deep and bright color.
For "super indigo dyed denim products" than conventional dyeing depth of traditional denim dyeing increased by more than 60%, so the concentration of dye solution of indigo will multiply, achieve 3 ~ 4 g/L, even deep colour and lustre is likely to be achieved. In this way, the viscosity of the dye is increased, the liquidity is poor, and the penetration ability of the dye is affected, so that the color fastness of the denim is reduced and the demand for final depth is not reached. Then some enterprises to increase the depth of dyeing design again, increase the concentration of dyeing liquid indigo again, permeability becomes worse, so a vicious circle back and forth, still could not reach the requirements of "super indigo" color. The higher the concentration of indigo in the dye, the heavier the red light of the stain, the darker the color, the less the effect of "super indigo". As a result, many manufacturers have been or are preparing to transform the dyeing and dyeing equipment to solve this problem by increasing the number of staining Numbers. For example, increase the number of staining number to 8, or even 10, not only increase the investment cost, increase the consumption of chemical materials, increase the difficulty of operation, but also increase the pollution to the environment. Is a good way to solve this contradiction, decrease the ratio of insurance powder or caustic soda consumption, especially the control of the caustic soda consumption, make the dye solution PH stability between 11 ~ 12, dyeing rate and highest stable color, at the same time decrease the tension of warp yarn dyeing, thereby gaining good "chao" indigo dyeing effect.
A color - colored denim on indigo.
In order to increase the color and color of the indigo cowboy variety, various kinds of colored jeans are very popular. For example, indigo is dyed black, indigo is dyed with vulcanized grass green, sulfide black green, sulfide blue, etc., to meet the demand of market individuation. At the same time, the denim production factory has patented new varieties of jeans to enhance the competitiveness of the market. It should be noted that the concentration of mother liquor should be controlled as much as possible to prevent the overflow of the dye and the waste of dye and the expansion of environmental pollution.
Color (colored) denim.
Mainly include the bromine indigo (market) commonly known as turquoise blue denim and sulphur black denim, and the sulfur dye color matching coffee, emerald green, gray, khaki, sulfide blue denim, there are a few to na, dyes or reactive dyes dyeing of bright red, pink, light pink denim, etc., while the production volume is not large, but the market demand is more urgent, often can't satisfy the need. Main problem is the light color is not stable, dyeing value also is poorer, clothing manufacturers are not satisfied, it is related to the production batch is not big, color too much, but by dyed pulp machine production colored species is difficult, used up big, the cost is high, and the wastewater is difficult to handle and so on, also has certain influence. Solution when one is designed to minimize chromatic number, as far as possible with 2 color matching, is no more than three color matching, or use other dye varieties to replace the more stable, to adapt to the dyed pulp production characteristics of the online platform, to obtain a stable dyeing effect; Second, the more thorough solution is to use yarn-dyed factory yarns with large capacity dyeing, and the production process route of dividing line is ideal for the production of colored denim.

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